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For nearly two decades the artist Robert Brock has been drawing local scenes to capture the essence of English heritage. Together with his wife Sally, who has carried out most of the hand tinting, they have amassed over 1,500 pen and ink drawings in the Collection. Badger's Heritage is now one of the most extensive and well known collections of town and village drawings in the southern counties of England. Badgers are often called Brock and 'Badger's Heritage' signifies Robert and Sally's achievements. Both self-taught, they have earned a well deserved reputation for quality commissioned work.

In 2011, it was a privilege for Tania Hammond to be handed the Badger's Heritage Collection to continue its success in promoting English heritage through the delightful pictures that Robert and Sally have created together. Further hand tinting is being taken over by another artist. In September 2017, the collection was transferred to Marcus Wood. It is hoped that the Collection will continue to thrive and to be enjoyed by an increasing number of collectors.


The Collection

There are now well over 1500 original pen and ink drawings in the Collection that can be printed from.

The mounted prints are available as pen and ink drawings in black and white or hand tinted in colour. There are churches, schools, pubs, hotels, bridges, locks, mills, cottages and village scenes of, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Cotswolds, Greater London, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Middlesex, North Wales, Oxfordshire, Surrey, West Sussex and Wiltshire.

The approximate area covered is from Swindon, south east to the New Forest, then north east to Guildford and the M25, and west to Reading, Abingdon and Swindon, with drawings of most villages between. This is a total area of over 1500 square miles and some 650 villages, towns and cities.

Over the years the use of different pens may have introduced slight variations, so that some pictures appear a little lighter or darker. However, as the style and subject matter has been consistent this means that a selection of pictures in the same mounts and frames will hang well together in sets.

In 1995 Badger's Heritage was recognized by the British National Trust and authorized to draw National Trust properties.

The Collection can now be viewed and prints purchased directly through this web site.

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Badger's Heritage


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