Buying online is simple - all you have to do is find the print you are looking for, decide which option you require - Pen & Ink, Sepia or Colour Tinted, type the number of prints you require into the box, then click on the add to basket icon. If you choose Black line drawing printed on off-white card, you also have a selection of mount colours to choose from: -

 Russian Green
 Midnight Blue
Soft Green
Saxe Blue

The item you have chosen will then appear in the shopping basket on the right hand side of the screen. When you have finished shopping, just click on checkout, and follow the on screen instructions given.

If you select an item in error, simply remove the item by clicking on either the to remove one item, or click on empty basket.

The shopping trolley requires cookies to be enabled on your web browser, and your basket will be held open for 24 hours.

If you cannot find the picture you are looking for, please contact us at e-mail

Badger's Heritage


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